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[infobox last_column=”true” size=”col-12″ color=”blue”]Aegaeus comes with super awesome user friendly Shortcode Generator which allows you to create any of many shortcodes in less than 2 clicks. If you prefer the code, you can find it bellow. You can copy-paste it to your page. Comments are annotated with double slashes //[/infobox]



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// Get 3 random testimonials and display them in 3 columns
[testimonials columns="3" number="3" random="true"]

// Get 4 testimonials and display them in 2 columns
[staff columns="2" number="4" random="false"]



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[h5]Available argument options[/h5]

[list_item icon=”icon-cog”]number – Specify number of your testimonials to show.[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”icon-cog”]columns – Specify in how many columns will they appear.[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”icon-cog”]random – Specify in random testimonials are being displayed (if false, menu_order is active).[/list_item]